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Suzanne Floro

Head of a large independent boys’ primary school

Sue Floro has served in school leadership positions for more than 25 years across and variety of sectors, and is currently the Head of a large independent boys’ primary school in Sydney.

Sue is committed to providing learning opportunities for students to develop an understanding of their responsibility in making the world a better place, and has led the development of a future focused, eSTEAM curriculum platform where all technology use is deeply embedded into rich investigative units. She is committed to ensuring that learning spaces and pedagogy align, leading to significantly deeper learning, and greater impact on student growth across multiple domains.

Sue has been involved in several school design projects, including the development of a new primary campus; and the redevelopment of several other collaborative learning and spaces and buildings for students and staff. Sue is a regular speaker at both national and international conferences, focusing on innovative pedagogies and personalised learning.

Catalogue & Prices