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…designed to be part of engaging student spaces…

At Beparta, we’re focused on flexible, innovative furniture to keep students engaged in their learning.

Our furniture is:

  • designed to be sat on / leant on in many different ways, allowing all students to feel comfortable in class
  • created to allow gentle movement and decrease fidgeting
  • light enough for students to pick up, move and take with them as they progress from task to task, empowering students to create their own best workspaces
  • facilitating everything from explicit instruction to collaborative group work or individual reflection, not forgetting agile cross-curricular learning!


…developing new ways for educators and school leaders to be part of the furniture design process…

We know that educators are the experts on classroom spaces. Educators understand precisely what is needed to help students learn best, that’s why we don’t want to design anything without educators’ input.

Beparta is gathering together an impressive team of educators, school leaders, academics, and education-focused architects to guide our design process; from the initial idea, through reviews of progress, to trialling the (almost) finished products.

We’re proud of our 100% Australian-based design team and excited to be working with a new, highly experienced Lead Designer.

We also respect that educators are the experts on school spaces and want to ensure their ideas are embraced throughout the design process.

Read more about our Advisory Team here.


…sponsoring academic research to be part of growing knowledge about furniture in educational spaces…

People intuitively feel that flexible, future-focused, comfortable furniture should lead to greater student engagement … but is this really true?

Beparta decided we can’t just rely on guesses; we need actual research.

We approached world-leading researchers Associate Professor Wesley Imms from the University of Melbourne and Dr Julia Morris from Edith Cowan University to help us find the answer this question. In cooperation with the wonderful team at Vasse Primary School in Western Australia, we’ve been working together on a multi-year academic research project.

The Phase One report is complete and is very interesting reading. We were expecting to find that school furniture would only impact students, however it impacts teachers and their teaching styles just as much! You can read more about this exciting research.

At Beparta, we’re very proud to be contributing to answering the under-researched question of how furniture and education spaces affect student engagement and learning.


…making furniture decisions an easy part of your responsibilities.

We understand educators want to spend most of their time focused on students’ wellbeing and learning.

For public schools in NSW, our furniture is easy to purchase under the NSW Department of Education’s SCM0771 scheme.

For public schools in Western Australia, our products are listed on CUAFRN2017.

For all schools, our experienced Space Consultants will give you the benefit of all the knowledge we’ve gained in working with thousands of schools, public and private, big and small, metro and regional, in all states of Australia, and worldwide.
In a free consultation, a Beparta Space Consultants will explain to you all the options, ensure the furniture will fit without looking crowded and maximise the value for your school’s money.

Beparta furniture is custom made to your order and our friendly Project Managers will then help you choose the colours and finishes that suit your school. They’ll also make sure everything goes smoothly so that your new furniture arrives in our standard lead-time of 6 – 8 weeks.


…it’s a new name, but not a new company…

Maybe you don’t recognise our name? Our story started in Sydney around 10 years ago, with the NorvaNivel brand. Our company has a history of working with well-known schools throughout Australia.

In 2017, we then took the NorvaNivel brand to the USA, creating a new company there, which our Director sold in mid-2020. We’re now using all of our experience working with schools from Singapore to Russia, USA to Costa Rica and bringing that experience back home, to Australia.

In 2021, we’re getting ready to open a new, lean furniture manufacturing facility in NSW and we’re excited to show you all our new products. At Beparta, we plan to be part of education for a long time to come!

Catalogue & Prices