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Built-ins for innovative learning environments

Beparta is proud to offer built-in and joinery services. We have developed a highly customisable system, to allow you to find the perfect storage combinations for your space, your students and your teaching style.

Whether you want shelves, drawers or cupboards with doors, or a combination of these – it’s all possible! Let us work with you to find your ideal configuration.

Our built-ins are modular to make use of any extra space, from a small nook to a full wall, helping you to keep learning spaces neat and tidy.


Here’s what you need to know about Beparta built-ins:
  • Beparta built-ins are completely customisable and can be arranged any way you want
  • the unit comprises left, right, top and bottom panels
  • divider panels are fixed in place every 376mm and each divider panel has fixing holes for shelves
  • the overall height is 1800mm
  • the overall width is unlimited
  • the basic cubicle size is 376mm(W) x 338mm(H) x 440mm(D), and the width or height can be doubled
  • the number of shelves, trays and lockable cupboards is completely up to you
Catalogue & Prices