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Alison Cramp

Deputy Head of Primary, Teaching and Learning at Moriah College

Alison is the Deputy Head of Primary, Teaching and Learning at Moriah College in Sydney’s East. She arrived in Australia in 2005, originally from the shores of Loch Ness in Scotland. Alison has had several years of experience teaching in Kindergarten through to Year 6, developed the Gifted Education Program and cultured innovation across the Primary School. Alison is determined to put the joy and curiosity back into learning by leading educators to design rich, authentic, purposeful learning experiences to unlock the potential in all of her learners.

Our commitment at Moriah College Primary is to develop the whole child; young people with a sense of purpose and belonging, both at Moriah and beyond. Across all year levels K-6, provision is made to ensure that personal strengths, knowledge and skills are combined with thinking routines and approaches to learning which cultivate an inquiring mind in individuals who feel good emotionally and are therefore able to act effectively.

Moriah’s Deep Learning Framework enables the design of learning experiences rich in new knowledge creation and real-life problem solving. Shifting the learning outcomes has radically changed pedagogical practices as well as the conditions under which Deep Learning flourishes.

Four key elements of learning design guide our framework at Moriah College – pedagogical practices, learning partnerships, leveraging digital and finally learning environments. Our learning environments are designed to be flexible and purposeful, establishing a culture of thinking and endorsing student agency. The educators combined with the environment as the third teacher, encourage students to access deep learning and code their experiences in a style and manner that transcends the walls of Moriah College. Learning environments are changing rapidly both culturally as new partnerships emerge and physically as the walls of learning become transparent.

Catalogue & Prices