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Bondi Primary School

When you think of Bondi you think of Australia’s most iconic beach and the glamour of the Eastern Suburbs. But schooling is important in Bondi, as everywhere. Beparta was engaged to uplift and bring Bondi Public School’s library to a modern standard. As sometimes happens in schools, the library spaces had been neglected over the years, as funding had gone towards technology and maintenance, whilst refurbishment and modern learning environment took a back seat.

This inspiring project was driven by Michal Maslanka, Teacher Librarian, as he wanted a space to encourage children to use the library and provide a beneficial environment for teachers to teach their classes. Limited by the shape, a narrow long area, Michal consulted with Beparta’s Space Consultants to understand his options but importantly to share what he wanted to achieve within the space. It was imperative for us to know how far he wanted to take this space, including reconsidering the number of books and existing tables, and wanting more floor space – these were some of the things we need to understand before our design process.

Michal is extremely progressive and has a willingness to push the boundaries to achieving student agency, wanting to provide a variety of learning options within the space. Introducing flip, high, and solid-state collaborative floor tables within the space, whilst incorporating our writeable surfaces. This library empowers students to take control of their learning environments, reconfiguring surfaces and utilising our light-weight ottomans to create unique seating solutions. This space has become an enabler within the school for teachers and students to engage in a collaborative environment.

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Catalogue & Prices