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Sinan Kerimofski

Principal at Vasse Primary School

Sinan is an experienced leader with over 18 years’ experience as a school administrator of both rural and metropolitan primary schools. He is passionate about public education and has a strong moral commitment to improve the educational, social and emotional outcomes of all students.

Through actively engaging Vasse Primary School in instructional leadership, Sinan has built a strong visual presence. This is done in combination with providing inspiration for staff to create 21st Century learning environments to aid in the delivery of the best educational outcomes possible for students.

With over 30 years in education, Sinan’s goal is to provide vibrant educational leadership with a focus on building mutual trust, understanding and respect between students and educators, and he works hard to instil pride and a sense of community in Vasse Primary School by involving parents and the wider community in education. As part of his career vision, Sinan strives to ensure that the school communities he leads or supports other principals to lead are provided with the best possible educational opportunities to succeed.

Sinan will commence his new role of Collegiate Principal in 2021. This role is a key part of the WA Public School Leadership Strategy, and a more comprehensive approach to improve support to schools. The initiative is designed to enhance levels of student achievement by supporting principals in their role.

Catalogue & Prices